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Monday 12 June 2017


Evening after evening
she presses the hydraulics, turning the bed
in the shuttered room.

And each evening
in a Monet-style kitchen
salad leaves are chopped
in the proper way with a Moulis.
Honey added to the Dijon.
Guests note, climbing the stairs:
cut glass, pressed linen,
stencilled vine leaves.

Madame answers questions on:
the family's way of life - golf in the afternoon
and after three days
she speaks of her daughter,
who crashed her car coming home
bearing a trophy.
Paralysis in the other room.

Madame writes to the son in Australia:
we've had plenty of guests this summer.
The jasmine you planted is growing -
I think she catches its perfume under the window.
She still can't speak.
Your father, like a fool,
is building her a pool,
so, in the cool,
she'll glide
like a water-lily.

© Wendy Vacani
All rights reserved

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