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Friday 23 December 2011

A Xmas Poem for our Leader

We’re away for Xmas
but even before we travel
family plans
are beginning to unravel
so sing along ye Xmas bards
for me
another dysfunctional
Yuletide’s on the cards

© William Botley
All rights reserved

Thursday 22 December 2011


August is always a good month to conceive
And now it’s already Christmas…So difficult to believe
The days are short and the nights are long
It’ll be a few months before the black bird’s song
In spring I’ll wait for a new lamb to bleat
Before I watch it suckling... on a proud mother’s teat
Then I’ll yearn for May and sight of the pink Campion
For this will herald the special birth that I will soon champion

© Kenneth Campbell 2011
All rights reserved