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Monday 23 April 2012


(project reflections 2011) 

Several years of working for KFC
A fast food Tycoon I am minded to be
The UK population so loves fast food
 CK’s is bound to capture the mood
The Drive Thru is already in the USA
Why not do the same in little ole UK
Publicity in newspapers & on TV
No likely downside that I can see
Cooking skills thin & catering knowledge thinner
This project has to be an all time winner
So much money from an oil rich Sheikh
How can I possibly apply the brake
Buying fast food.. without leaving the car
Is this the UK citizen’s bridge too far
McDonald’s success isn’t going to die
I believe it was always worth a try

© Kenneth Campbell
All rights reserved


...Thraki had tears in her eyes and didn’t look back as she sat perched in the front passenger seat…Kerim would drive the trio to a point on the coastal road below the mountain village of Lapithos; he would then remain in the Morphou farm house and manage the orchards until Thraki’s anticipated return…

© Kenneth Campbell
All rights reserved

extract from CYPRUS REVISITED, 2006 Book 10 ‘The Greek escape’ page 273 by Richard Murray (Kenneth Campbell)

Evening Hours

Don’t look back
As shadows creep from bushes,
Stretch, coalesce,
To form that final, impenetrable dark.

The afterglow is burning
 Vermillion, gold, ice-green.

The thrush still sings amid the cherry blossom.

When the blue midnight is alight with stars,
When moonlight silvers a summer sea,
Rest in peace.
© Gill Dunstan
All rights reserved

Beloved of Martin Weir

Healing weather will soften,
wear the edges of the chiselled letters
that scar the memorial stone

A shepherd’s shadow
breasting the summit of Little Mell Fell
falls tall before it, into evening.

For eighty two brutal, beautiful
years he’d been bound to his land

his sheep.  He hadn’t looked back.

 © Sophia Roberts
All rights reserved

Don’t look back

Don’t look back
the psychiatrist said,
the past is here in the present.
With your help, we’ll make a story of it.
It may go back before your birth,
what your parents wanted for you,
their unlived lives.

It will take a long, long time
and a lot of money.

© Valerie Taylor
all rights reserved

Don’t Look Back

“A word to the wise: don’t look back.

“Why?  Because they are following us.  Whispering, conniving, hatching schemes.  Believe you me, knives and tongues are being sharpened.   And they’re cunning and getting closer

“What!  You looked?  And no-one there you say? 

“That’s strange.  They definitely were when I turned round.”

© Tim Scott
All rights reserved

Wednesday 4 April 2012

To write is to serve, to put your heart and soul into service.

"To write is to serve, to put your heart and soul into service. Who do you serve? The collective human heart and soul, the inner life of others.

Like all service, writing is hard work. You must funnel reams of words through your fingers, laying down sentences like an athlete lays down miles. You must go on your knees to the mysteries of creation, like a priest before the altar.

You must develop practices that cocoon your inner, imaginative life, protecting it from assaults by the outer world — including your own longings for money and fame — so you can keep on giving. You must read widely, and emulate writing masters, until you’ve worked out what it is that only you can say.

And how you’re going to say it.

Do all this well and you’ll find your service to others also serves you, all the days of your writing life."