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Sunday 16 January 2011

National Trust Volunteer

A woman sits upright in her chair,
her speech prepared.
She stares at the heavy,
wooden, filigreed sideboard,
architectural in its construction. 
Soles creek on the bending floorboards,
she smells the waxen lavender odours,
as she rehearses, lips moving.
But they walk past the open door,
overloaded with history.

© Valerie Taylor
all rights reserved

Saturday 15 January 2011

National Trust Volunteer

No-one knows I’m him
third portrait from the end
Hon. Marcy Maxwell Thynn

Done a little time
for a Stock Market thing

© William Botley
all rights reserved

National Trust Volunteer

The dead woman standing speaks

for when she wordlessly suggests we
don’t touch the Louis sixteenth ormolu clock
(whilst silently reminding that our children
are not permitted to test a rather fine example
of a Queen Anne bed)

we beat an arrogant retreat
to the sound of her muttering


© Sophia Roberts
all rights reserved

New Floor

Whenever I think
about my floor
I think it once again
an old floor
a good floor
I treated with disdain
I trod on it
I fell on it
covered it with chairs
I even used it pour amour
Such a lovely little floor!
But now they’ve carted
it away
I do not like me any more!

© William Botley
all rights reserved

May Progress

That first time I came
over the Cheshire plains
they were bedecked and swathed
in white lace blossom swags;
decorated as if for our nuptials.

© Sophia Roberts
all rights reserved