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Wednesday 27 May 2015

The Secrets of the Deep

No lines, no contours mark the ways 
among the roaming mountains 
 'neath the 
 where ceaseless 
 glide and hunt in silent 
 that shun the ritual 
 of human sway.

No maps, no beacons, 
no left 
or right or wrong, 
no precious 
laws disturb 
God's dark 
kingdoms of the deep.

© Shelia Rogers
All rights reserved

Monday 11 May 2015


Courtship was blissful, wedding preparations harmonious and the sun shone as confetti was thrown.  Later, the speeches were witty, the wine flowed and guests danced.

Then, driving to the honeymoon hotel, they met a roundabout. 

“Which exit?” he snapped.

She proffered the map which was flapped away.

The skies darkened.

© Tim Scott
All rights reserved

Factory Ship

Ghostly silhouettes
stand, wait at first light,

for a smouldering apparition
for a wraith on the tide,
for a chimney to rise;

for a breath of smoke
to smudge at,

to erase, to displace
the remains of this night.

© Emma Rich
All rights reserved

Misremembering a life

Rumpled dark blue sheets,
a perfect cup of tea.

A bouquet of Tiger lilies on his desk;
her hands knitting whilst she listened to the BBC.

A pair of dark glasses,
Rachel’s slow smile.

A series of photographs;
disconnected short films,

The failure of false maps;
their loss in transmission;

© Sophia Roberts
All rights reserved