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Monday 21 October 2013

If I lived by the Sea ( Ode to St Brelades)

Sun fades as crescent moon appearsno fan fare,
dusky sky meets a rolling sea
relentless in its quest to land
cleaning the sand of all purpose
wiping evidence of the day

Greys, pinks and blues of light
pure against the crashing waves
rhythmic silence
a back drop of evening bird song
the string of promenade lights
giving shape and clean lines

Mermaids must haunt the distant rocks
hiding their tails from view
fishermen and sailors not daring to
think or look as they cut by
their balance and sea legs
feeling strangely under threat

Dog walkers return
to their homes of brick and stone
made of sand like the beach
feeling safer in the twilight
leads and balls packed away
legs twitching in the chasing dream

Hotel guests leave their balconies
for the warmth of the bar
old fears and scars disappear
as the day sinks with the sun
would I always feel like this

if I lived and loved by the sea?

© Liz Redfern 
All rights reserved

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