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Tuesday 10 January 2012

A Polite Refusal?

Dearest Tracey,
I’m writing this letter to say
I cannot attend your Big Day.
It’s a terrible fiddle,
I’m caught in the middle,
You’re my friend, he’s my ex.  Awkward, eh?

Dearest Tracey,
I’m very much hoping there’ll be
No hard feelings between you and me,
But what with his Mum
And her horrible chum,
I really can’t face it, you see.

Dearest Tracey,
I think what you’re doing shows pluck,
And I’m not a one to rake muck,
Perhaps I’m not right,
But I found him a shite.
Take care now.  I love you. Good luck!

© Gill Dunstan
All rights reserved

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