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Tuesday 23 August 2011


An assumption surrounding celestial worship that is possible to extol
Arises from evidence that politicians use religion to control
From the 6th Century BC, Mithra became Iran’s God of the sun
And by 300 AD a religion to control the Roman Empire had begun
200 years earlier a new Platonic interpretation of Mithraism unfurled
For which the Emperor Diocletian gained acceptance by the Roman world
Mithraism was already a symbol of loyalty to a King
And the Emperor was aware of what benefits this would bring
Soon Mithraic sanctuaries sprang up from Ostia to Rome
With which Roman militia from the Danube to Euphrates also felt at home
Emperor Diocletian reorganized the Laws & Oath of his eastern Empire
And he used his People’s worship of their Mithra God to fulfill this strong desire
Christianity replaced Mithraism, and the bells of St Sophia were heard to ring
Whilst Roman Matriarch Helena discovered the holy cross and Christians began to 

© Kenneth Campbell 2011
All rights reserved

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