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Monday 13 June 2011

'Melody' the Dream

Oh Melody, Oh Melody you know not what you do

Strangers on the fore deck; they number only two

Oh Melody, Oh Melody a new moon light the coast

Is it but a dream; are you just a ghost

Oh Melody, Oh Melody 'tis the Mediterranean you sail

On and on I see you glide; perhaps to no avail

Oh Melody, Oh Melody; your beauty you should boast

Or maybe it's your music that inspires the most

Oh Melody, Oh Melody do you see a dove

You may see strangers; perhaps they're in love

Oh Melody, Oh Melody 'tis the ancient world

An environment where romance has regularly unfurled

Oh Melody, Oh Melody let this dream come true

And make two people thankful they have met through you.

© Kenneth Campbell 2008
Al rights reserved

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