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Monday 23 May 2011


Question 3. See figure 2. Train A leaves station X at 8:45 travelling westward. Train B leaves station Y at 9:20 travelling eastward on the same track. Given that the standard speed on the line is 60 mph, at what time will they collide? Take into account the following factors: the driver of train A had three cups of coffee this morning and enjoys the hillside views; the driver of train B fell in love last night; the signal keeper at point Z got new binoculars for his birthday.

© R. Rushforth
All rights reserved


penny said...

the stations are only a few miles apart so train A has already passed station Y by the time that train B leaves for station X.

just a thought..Penny

walking the yarn said...

You may well be right. But I'm a bear of very little brain... All will be revealed on Saturday?