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Friday 8 July 2011

Good Housekeeping Recipe for Life

I am a true blue Baby Boomer, born to a patriotic family, as depicted in the wartime black and white films. With such a background, I know that Good Housekeeping is the bible of British Life.
Basic Ingredients:         Siblings, preferably of even numbers, so one is not left out.
                                      Elderly Relative, to give good advice and suggest jolly pranks.
                                      Freedom, to roam miles, and befriend local  Worthies.
                                      Mystery to Solve, including outwitting Bad Eggs.

Dressing:                      A Decent loving and attractive partner, as in Georgette Heyer.
                                      A Darling little house, cottage or flat,  in which to nest.

Decoration:                   An even number of bright eyed and talented children.
  An artistic and eccentric mother-in-law, whose best friend is     
  your mother.


 Follow the above instructions, to the letter, until you are fifty years old.

Please note that Good Housekeeping can not be held responsible for the success of recipes as their execution is dependant solely on the quality of the ingredients used.

© Penny Smale July 2011
All rights reserved

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