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Wednesday 21 March 2012

Blah blah blah….

“ Blah blah blah….And here we have the kitchen, with useful deep-set shelving here by the window..”

‘there used to be a door there, when this was two cottages’

“…And the Aga of course is always the heart of a home”

‘ you can still see where there used to be stairs where the Aga is now.

“this makes a nice dining room or snug”

‘tell them that the over-mantle is from Exeter cathedral’

“the hay barn above the stables”

‘ is great for a band for summer parties.  If you look on the end wall up in there,  you can see where various children over the years have drawn peeing men, spitfires, and mystic circles..

“Note the beamed ceiling here in the annex, an attractive feature”

‘from when this was part of the hay-barn.  The same beams are in there.  They must have blocked up the holes to drop hay into the stables below, which explains the uneven floor.’

“Not a bad little garden out the back here”

‘over forty different species of birds have been observed here over the years’

“I understand that down there used to be a root store..”

‘tell them about the doorway you can just see if you lean forward to look down.  It leads into a corridor running behind the yard stables, and there’s a secret room there with electric light..’

“I must say that the views here are outstanding”

‘ if you’d only bother to take them to the top of the hill behind us you can have a 360 degree view.  You can see the Wellington Monument on a clear day..’

“Blah blah blah…”

© Penny Smale March 2012
All rights reserved

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