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Wednesday 24 September 2014

Writing Help: Dive or Wade? | WritingCompanion

Dive or Wade?

Some writers like to dive straight into the help pool, immersing themselves in many kinds of writing assistance. They zap through innumerable books, workshops, and websites, and may join not one but several writing groups.

Some learners find it exhilarating to get their hands on so much information and help in a short period. For others, being deluged with much new information can be confusing, stressful, and cause them to lose confidence.

Wading is another choice, which some learners prefer and others take up because work and other commitments make it impractical to dive in. They start at the shallow, comfortable end of the writing help pool, perhaps reading a few relevant blogs and books, participating in a short workshop, attending a one-off lecture. As they grow more confident about their needs and interests, they strike out into deeper, adventurous water. They may enrol in a long-term course or sign up with a mentor. This approach does not overwhelm learners, but some find the learning process frustratingly slow.

Whether you dive or wade, writing help works best when it fits your needs. Too often, we evaluate help opportunities in terms of their cost and convenience. It’s more promising to focus instead of us, as writers, in terms of our...

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