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Friday 9 November 2012

An ending - William's Story

I was aghast. "But their roots are anchored at least inches, perhaps feet into the cliff; I, however, am balanced on top of it. In THIS wind.  Anyway, there’s too much windshake.’
            As though to emphasise this, the neck flap of my anorak gave me a stinging slap in the ear, then followed with a volley, as I struggled savagely to clip it in.
            ‘Nonsense,’ she says and thrusts the camera at me.
            I point and shoot.  A desperate move this as I have to temporarily release my white-knuckle grip on my trekking poles, (all right walking sticks).
            ‘My turn,’ she says and we swap places.  I’m safe in the niche now.  As the wind howls with extraordinary force, she wobbles.  I reach to steady her.  She steps back...
            Oh bugger!  She’s....regained her footing as lightly as a prima ballerina.
            ‘Ah-ha,’ she says.  ‘Your face made the perfect picture.’

© Gill Dunstan
All rights reserved

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