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Tuesday 25 September 2012

It's how you ask the question

Where are you from?
New Zealand
Where they have koala bears?
No, that`s Australia
Where they filmed Lord of the Rings?
Where the All Blacks come from?


Where are you from?
New Zealand
Oh that`s interesting, which part?
Is that where they had the earthquakes recently? That must have been awful. Were you personally affected?
Yes, I lost my house and my husband.
Well actually, he died 3 days later, with a heart attack brought on by the stress of it all.
I was determined to come over to England for my niece’s wedding. You see we had planned to come together, and I knew he would want me to, even though I had never travelled this far on my own before.
We planned to do it together you see.

© Liz Redfern 9/12
All rights reserved

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